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Leading the Way in Dental Innovation

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Leading the Way in Dental Innovation: How Dr. Ford’s Expertise Benefits You At our Huntington Beach office, we’re not just focused on your smile today, but on keeping it bright and healthy for years to come. Dr. Ford, a leading dentist in Huntington Beach, CA, is at the forefront of incorporating advanced dental technologies into our practice, ensuring you receive …

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OptiSplint: Elevating Standards in Implant Dentistry Workflows

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  OptiSplint: Elevating Precision in Implant Dentistry The OptiSplint Advantage When it comes to implant dentistry, precision, and versatility are key. OptiSplint is a universal verification jig system that stands out in this regard, being highly compatible with both digital and analog workflows in implant dentistry. This innovative system consists of scan bodies attached to multi-unit abutments and a frame …