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What Symptoms Does a Cavity Give Off?

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Dr Jonathan Ford
What Symptoms Does a Cavity Give Off?Dental cavities are the damaged patches on your teeth' surface that develop into holes or tiny openings. Also referred to as tooth decay or caries, cavities are caused by several factors. Some of them include lack of proper oral hygiene, sipping sugary drinks, the presence of harmful bacteria in your mouth, and frequent snacking. If dental cavities are not treated, they grow larger and affect other surrounding teeth. They can also lead to dental infections, severe toothache, and, in some cases, tooth loss. The best protection against cavities is good oral hygiene, regular visits to our offices, and avoiding sugary foods. Here are symptoms of tooth cavities.

Symptoms of Tooth Cavities

Tooth cavities have varying signs and symptoms depending on the extent of the condition. When a cavity is in its early stages, you might not experience any symptoms. However, as the cavity gets bigger, you will start experiencing several symptoms. The most common one is a toothache that give spontaneous pain. The pain can be persistent or occurs after a while. The amount of pain felt is directly proportional to the size of the cavity.

Another symptom is tooth sensitivity. You will experience sharp pains when eating or drinking something hot or cold. The pain is mainly due to the exposed pulp that lies under the enamel. Tooth decay damages the enamel and exposes the highly sensitive pulp. You might also notice visible pits or holes in your teeth. These holes are cavities that drill down your tooth and creates spaces. Bigger holes will mean advanced cases of tooth decay. In such cases, come in for treatment immediately.

Experiencing pain when you bite down is also an indicator of tooth decay. This is mainly due to the damaged teeth that cannot sustain the pressure of biting on food. Visit our offices when you suspect any symptom of a cavity.

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