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Which Type of Gum Should You Chew for a Healthy Mouth?
Posted on 7/26/2021 by Dr Jonathan Ford
Which Type of Gum Should You Chew for a Healthy Mouth?
If your goal is to have a healthy mouth, you should be selective as to what kind of gum to chew. Not all gum is the same. In fact, gum is usually close to the candy section at the grocery store, but if you look closely, some gum may promote good oral hygiene.

Sugarfree Gum and Xylitol

Choose to chew sugarless gum. In addition, if the gum package boasts the ADA seal, it is a product that is safe and may help with long term oral health. Avoid fruit-flavored sugar free gums. These may have higher amounts of acidic ingredients. Chew all gum in moderation, even if it does not contain sugar.
Just as we advise against gum with sugar, we do suggest finding chewing gum that contains the ingredient xylitol. It has been said that xylitol helps to prevent bacteria from sticking to the enamel on the teeth. It also helps to neutralize acids and return the pH in the mouth to normal again.

How Chewing Gum Benefits Your Mouth

Chew gum after eating or drinking acidic foods or drinks, and you will be doing yourself a favor. Chewing gum encourages saliva production which can help to clear away food that may be stranded in your mouth following a meal. Not only does saliva clear away food, but it also rinses bacteria away. As the bacteria is rinsed away from the teeth, tooth decay is reduced. There are additional benefits of increased saliva flow. The saliva helps to restore the pH balance in your mouth. As the bacteria decreases with saliva flow, the pH in the mouth regulates.
We love to talk about any dental topic in our office. Give us a call or stop in if you have any questions about which type of gum you should choose. Make sure you schedule your routine cleanings so we can assess your total dental picture along with your gum choice.

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