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Does Your Mouth Create Enough Biofilm?
Posted on 7/12/2021 by Dr Jonathan Ford
Does Your Mouth Create Enough Biofilm?
In order to know if your mouth creates enough biofilm, it is important to understand the term. Biofilm is the collection small living things that grow together and live together. The first part of the word, “bio”, denotes that biofilm is made up of living creatures. The second part of the word refers to the notion that these living things cling together in a group. Biofilm can be comprised of one kind of bacteria, or many different kinds existing together.
We all have biofilm in our mouth. Soon after you were born oral bacteria, or biofilm, started invading your teeth and gums. Not all biofilm is bad, but most of it is and sadly it regrows quickly. The goal is to manage your biofilm. That is why we advise patients to have a good oral hygiene routine.

Be Proactive Against Bad Biofilm

Your biofilm grows almost constantly. It eats what you eat. If you choose to have a diet with most of your foods containing carbohydrates and sugars, your biofilm will flourish. Simply put, the more sugars in your body, the faster the biofilm will multiply and proliferate in your mouth. This is not beneficial to your body because some bacteria releases acids that weaken the enamel. If this continues, it can result in cavities, tooth decay, and many other issues in your body if the bacteria travels through your blood stream.

Schedule Your Routine Cleaning and Exam

It is important to practice good oral hygiene on your teeth and gums. Be diligent about brushing and flossing your teeth. You can prevent biofilm from accumulating if you are proactive. Give us a call to schedule your next routine cleaning and exam. We look forward to talking to you more about how to be proactive in your oral health.

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