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Best Treatments for Translucent Teeth

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Dr Jonathan Ford
Best Treatments for Translucent TeethMainly because of enamel erosion, our teeth can become partially transparent or translucent at the bottom. The whiteness disappears, and teeth gradually become see-through. Translucent teeth are a visible sign of weak teeth. If left untreated, teeth can become completely discolored and chip at the edges.

Certain medical conditions and our poor diet can result in the loss of enamel. Unfortunately, enamel loss is permanent. It cannot be restored naturally. The treatments that are available for translucent teeth will not restore your enamel, but they can prevent further enamel loss and restore the color of your teeth.
The best treatments for translucent teeth are:

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding or dental bonding is a procedure in which the dentist will mix resin with a composite bond to create a mixture that matches the color and texture of your teeth. This mixture will be applied to your translucent teeth, and a special light will be used to harden the resin-composite bond. Your dentist may proceed to shape and file the hardened layer so that it resembles the original shape and size of your teeth. This resin-composite bond covers your translucent teeth to give your teeth their original white color and also acts as a protective layer to prevent further erosion of the enamel.

Dental Crowns

When the severity of your condition increases and the dentist can see visible signs of thinning and chipping of your translucent teeth, he/she will recommend getting crowns. A crown is just like a hollow cap that is placed on your tooth to provide it a protective covering. Your dentist will take the measurement of your tooth that requires a crown and will make one that looks exactly like your translucent tooth but is hollow inside. An edible glue or bond will be used to fit and stick this crown over your translucent tooth so that further enamel loss is prevented.


Veneers that are made from porcelain or composite are used to hide the discoloration of your translucent teeth and to protect the enamel. Veneers are thin, custom-made porcelain shells that are fitted in front of your teeth to hide imperfections and protect your teeth. A dentist will take the scan of your teeth and create a mold that matches the shape and size of your teeth. This mold will be used to make porcelain veneers, and this new, white shell will be attached to the front surface of your teeth to make them appear like your original teeth.

Enamel Microabrasion

In cases where teeth become translucent because of coeliac disease (a disease that disrupts the formation of enamel), your dentist will recommend enamel microabrasion. This is a process in which the teeth are polished with a milky acid, and a tooth cream is used to remineralize the teeth. In simple words, it is the artificial mineralization of teeth to replicate the natural coating of enamel on teeth. This process helps reduce the severity of the disease.

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