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How To Take Care Of Your Oral Health If You Have a Mouth Piercing

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Dr Jonathan Ford
Oral piercings are considered very cool among teenagers and young adults. However, mouth piercings require extra care since the potential for infection is larger, even after the wound heals. According to the American Dental Association, people should be beware of getting oral piercings and should consider all the risks and complications of this type of body art.

We strongly suggest that you talk to Dr. Jonathan Ford and at Ford Dental Group before you get an oral piercing.

Oral Piercings and Its Risks

The tongue is the most common place for getting oral piercings, although it is also done on lips, cheeks, and uvula. Because the mouth consists of a lot of bacterial, infection is often a common side effect of getting oral piercings. Handling the jewelry with unclean hands or eating certain types of food can increase the chances of infection.

That is why it is important that you choose a trained professional who works in a sterile environment to avoid secondary infections like hepatitis B.
If you have any pain or swelling at the site of the piercing, you should get it checked out by us.

Some other oral health issues include trauma to the gums or teeth as well as tooth sensitivity that may occur because of the material or component of the piercing. Severe complications may include obstructed airways due to swelling or swallowing the jewelry or uncontrolled bleeding.

Oral Piercing Aftercare

Here are some simple precautions you should take after getting an oral piercing:

•  Do not play with your piercing after it is placed as it can interfere with the healing.
•  Clean the area thoroughly every day and use a mouth rinse regularly until the wound heals completely.
•  Do not chew tobacco as it can increase the risks of health issues.
•  Do not place objects like fingernails and pencils in your mouth as they may contain bacteria.
•  Remove your jewelry when you are sleeping or when playing sports.
•  Make sure you clean your jewelry every day when you are brushing your teeth.

If you like the idea of having an oral piercing, it is best to be informed and prepared. If you have some questions concerning oral piercings, call us today at 714-409-6161 to schedule a consultation appointment with us.

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