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Salivary Glands Infection-Treatment and Prevention

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Dr Jonathan Ford
Your salivary glands are an important part of your oral structure. They are responsible for the production and deposition of saliva into the mouth, which not only lubricates the mouth but also aids chewing and begins the food breakdown process in the mouth. People suffering from certain medical conditions may develop a salivary gland infection, which can be incredibly painful. However, it is easily treatable and preventable, so you need not worry even if you do develop it.

Who is at Risk?

Anyone who is dehydrated, smokers, and people who do not follow good oral hygiene are at risk of developing a salivary gland infection. In fact, any condition that promotes the fostering and breeding of bacteria in the mouth can lead to an infection in the salivary gland.

Symptoms of Salivary Gland Infection

A salivary gland infection can be very painful, so it is best if you detect it early on. Visit your dentist immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms.
•  Dry mouth: If you find you have to drink a lot of water while eating because of insufficient saliva production, you should visit your dentist as it can be a sign of salivary gland infection.

Treatment and Prevention

You can prevent a salivary gland infection by following a proper oral healthcare routine. Make sure you keep the bacteria away to prevent an infection. If you do develop one, your dentist will likely prescribe you antibiotics and painkillers. You can also use a warm compress to help deal with the pain and alleviate much of the discomfort that comes with a dry mouth.

Prevention is always better than cure, for the latter is extremely painful. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss, use mouthwash, clean your tongue and stay hydrated to prevent getting an infection.

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