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Dangers Associated with Bone Loss of Your Jaw Bone

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Dr Jonathan Ford
Dangers Associated with Bone Loss of Your Jaw BoneApart from allowing you to eat, speak, and chew food, the jaw bone provides the structure of your facial features. Jaw bone loss directly affects your oral health in numerous ways. Some of the most common causes of jaw bone loss include age, dentures, bridgeworks, trauma, teeth misalignment, gum disease, specific medical conditions that affect your oral health, and tooth loss. If left untreated, jaw bone loss can be dangerous to your health.

Consequences of Bone Loss

Your teeth tend to erupt if there isn't anything opposing it. In case you lose a tooth, the tooth behind it will start tipping towards the empty space; this will force the opposing tooth to start erupting. Within no time, you will have teeth misalignment and loose opposing teeth, which may lead to tooth loss. The jaw bone supports the front teeth, which are responsible for supporting the lips. Jaw bone loss will lead to wrinkling of the lip skin. You can also get severe health-related issues such as chronic pain and arthritis when you lose your posterior teeth. Jaw bone loss means that you will lose your teeth, which means you will not bite or chew food properly. You will also not speak appropriately because the tongue, teeth, and jawbone work together to create words. Distortion of the facial features because of jaw bone loss can often lead to depression and a lack of confidence.


Bone grafting is the most effective method we use for restoring the lost jaw bone. During the procedure, our professionals will replace the missing bone tissue with a graft material. Grafting material can use synthetic graft, donor bone, or your own bone. It will take only a few months for your body to absorb the material then replace it with natural material. Contact our offices for more information on bone grafting.

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