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What is Traveler's Breath?

Posted on 6/20/2019 by Dr Jonathan Ford
What is Traveler's Breath?Have you ever disembarked a plane or finished a long car ride only to notice a bad taste in your mouth? This issue actually has a name – traveler's breath. While unpleasant and a bit embarrassing, there are some simple explanations for traveler's breath. Understanding them can help you to prevent the issue in the future.

One of the most common reasons that you experience traveler's breath is dehydration. When traveling, you may not consume enough water, which is needed to maintain adequate saliva levels. The saliva moistens the mouth, washes away dead cells, and neutralizes acids, and without it, bad breath can result. Staying hydrated by sipping on water throughout your trip can help.

Poor Oral Hygiene

If you are stuck on an overnight flight or find yourself on a 20-hour road trip, you may not have your toothbrush handy. That is a mistake, because poor oral hygiene during your trip is another reason that you might experience traveler's breath. Plan to brush your teeth, and consider investing in a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste if this will make the process easier.

Making Poor Food Choices
We all know that when we are traveling it becomes easy to make poor food choices. Fast food becomes convenient, and gas station snacks look more appealing by the hour. Unfortunately, some of these foods can leave you with long-term bad breath that sticks around for the rest of your travels. Alcohol and coffee – two traveling staples – can also cause bad breath.

Odd Meal Schedules
When traveling, you may skip meals in order to make better food decisions, but you can still end up with bad breath. Chewing produces saliva, and failure to eat regularly can dry out the mouth. This gives foul-smelling bacteria the chance to grow.

Do you have questions about how to care of your teeth on your next trip? If so, contact our office to learn more.

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