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Eating Disorders and Your Teeth - What You Need to Know

Posted on 6/15/2018 by Dr Jonathan Ford
Vitamin D Ford Dental Group CA 92647-4484Obviously, if you or someone you love has an eating disorder, we encourage you to immediately seek the assistance of a professional. Eating disorders are serious business and have a direct effect on your oral health.

The damage caused to the teeth by an eating disorder can be lingering and even permanent as there are harmful habits and nutritional deficiencies that accompany eating disorders.

Damage To The Teeth And Mouth

Dietary habits and oral health go hand in hand, if one is good, the other will be as well. The reverse is also true. Unhealthy diets including eating disorders will lead to unhealthy oral health. Insufficient calcium promotes tooth decay and gum disease.

A patient who is struggling with anorexia will starve the body of the nutrients it needs to build healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin D, vitamin B3 and iron are all needed to prevent the development of sores in the mouth. Gums can become sore and swollen, which is a sign of gingivitis and this can lead to periodontal disease.

If you or a loved one suffers from bulimia, the practice of binge and purge through means of vomiting, there are other health risks involved as well. The frequent vomiting deteriorates the enamel on teeth and can lead to discoloration, brittleness and decay. Tissue loss and erosive lesions on the gums and tongue may also occur. This can lead to infection and gum disease.

Treatment of an ED

At our office, we want you to know that we will work with you if you're struggling with an ED. Our office is a safe place and we will help you maintain a healthy mouth and coach you on your oral health. Of course, we would like to see you in recovery, and we have staff available to assist you with that process. Please give our office a call today and together we can move toward a healthier future.

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