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Leading the Way in Dental Innovation

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Leading the Way in Dental Innovation: How Dr. Ford’s Expertise Benefits You

At our Huntington Beach office, we’re not just focused on your smile today, but on keeping it bright and healthy for years to come. Dr. Ford, a leading dentist in Huntington Beach, CA, is at the forefront of incorporating advanced dental technologies into our practice, ensuring you receive the most efficient, comfortable, and effective dental care available.

The Importance of a Technology-Forward Dentist

Dr. Ford’s dedication to continuous education in the latest dental innovations is more than just a commitment—it’s a passion. As a Huntington Beach dentist who lectures to other professionals in the field, Dr. Ford is shaping the future of dental care, both in our community and beyond.

Advancements in Dental Technology at Ford Dental Group

CEREC Same-Day Crown Technology

With CEREC technology, Dr. Ford offers same-day crowns, crafted with precision and care. This advancement allows our patients to enjoy a more convenient, one-visit treatment, making the process of getting a crown simpler than ever.

Cerec Same Day Crowns - Huntington Beach Dentist - Ford

PRF in Oral Surgery

Utilizing Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) in oral surgical procedures accelerates healing, reduces discomfort, and improves overall outcomes. This innovative approach underscores why choosing a dentist in Huntington Beach, CA, who uses the latest technologies, is vital for optimal dental health.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin - Ford Dental Group - Dentist Huntington Beach

Yomi Dental Robotic-Assisted Arm for Implant Placement

The precision of the Yomi Dental robotic-assisted arm for implant placement sets our practice apart. This cutting-edge technology ensures that dental implants are placed with unparalleled accuracy, offering better results and a faster recovery time.

Yomi Robot - Huntington Beach Dentist - Yomi Dentist Jonathan Ford

Dental Sleep Medicine for Sleep Apnea

Dr. Ford’s expertise in dental sleep medicine offers hope for patients suffering from sleep apnea. By providing customized treatment options, we can significantly improve your sleep quality and overall health.

Dental Sleep Medicine in Huntington Beach, CA

Piezo Technology for Sinus Lifts and Surgery

The use of Piezo technology for precise cutting of bone ensures that only the target area is affected, safeguarding surrounding structures. This leads to less invasive procedures and quicker healing times.

Piezo - Bone-Cutting Ultrasonic - Dentist in Huntington Beach

Lasers for Bacterial Decontamination

Our commitment to your health extends to using lasers for bacterial decontamination during treatments, providing a cleaner, safer dental care experience.

Dental Laser in Huntington Beach, CA - Ford Dental Group

Dr. Ford’s Pioneering Role in Dental Education and Innovation

Choosing Dr. Ford, a renowned Huntington Beach dentist, means entrusting your dental care to a professional who not only utilizes the latest technological advancements but also teaches these methods to other dentists. This expertise translates directly into superior care and outcomes for our patients.

Dr. Ford’s influence extends far beyond our dental office in HB. A respected figure in the dental community, he is known for his comprehensive lectures and workshops, collaborating with leading dental technology companies. His deep understanding of and experience with modern dental technologies not only enhance patient care but also empower other dental professionals to adopt these advancements in their practices.

Collaboration with Dentsply Sirona and CEREC Technology

One of Dr. Ford’s key partnerships is with Dentsply Sirona, the company behind CEREC technology. Through hands-on workshops and seminars, Dr. Ford teaches other dentists how to integrate CEREC’s revolutionary same-day crown technology into their practices, highlighting the benefits of swift, precise, and patient-friendly dental restorations. He travels all of over the country to provide the latest information on the latest technology in the dental community.

Advancing Implantology with Yomi and TruAbutment

Dr. Ford’s expertise in dental implantology is showcased through his work with Neocis, the creator of the Yomi Dental robotic-assisted arm, and TruAbutment, known for their high-quality dental implant components. His seminars focus on the precision and efficiency these technologies bring to dental implant procedures, ensuring attendees understand the importance of accuracy and customization in implants.

Promoting Superior Dental Materials with Kuraray Noritake

In addition to technological devices, Dr. Ford emphasizes the significance of using premium dental materials. His collaboration with Kuraray Noritake, a leader in dental cement and materials, involves educating dentists on the latest advancements in dental materials, adhesives and cements. By showcasing Kuraray Noritake’s innovative products, Dr. Ford illustrates how superior materials can significantly enhance the longevity and success of dental restorations.

Championing Sleep Apnea Treatment with Panthera Dental

Dr. Ford’s commitment to comprehensive dental care includes addressing conditions like sleep apnea. Partnering with Panthera Dental, he advocates for the use of custom-made sleep apnea appliances. His lectures and patient consultations highlight how these devices, tailored for individual needs, can dramatically improve sleep quality and overall health, showcasing Panthera’s role in advancing sleep apnea treatment.


Embrace the future of dental care with Dr. Ford, a leader in adopting and teaching advanced dental technologies. Experience the difference in treatment quality, comfort, and results at our Huntington Beach dentist office. Through his extensive lecturing and partnership with companies like Dentsply Sirona, Neocis, TruAbutment, Kuraray Noritake, and Panthera Dental, Dr. Ford not only brings the latest dental innovations to our practice but also promotes their adoption across the dental community. This unique blend of practice and education ensures that our patients receive care that’s at the cutting edge of dental technology.

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Dr. Ford is a pivotal figure in the creation and development of Edu.Dental, an innovative continuing education platform designed for dental professionals. Edu.Dental aims to bridge the gap between clinical practice and cutting-edge dental technology, offering accessible, high-quality educational resources that empower dentists worldwide to elevate their practice and patient care. By curating content that spans the latest in dental technology, techniques, and materials, Dr. Ford and Edu.Dental are setting new standards in professional dental education. This platform serves as a testament to Dr. Ford’s vision of a globally informed and technologically adept dental community, where knowledge sharing and innovation lead to unparalleled patient care.