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CEREC Restorations

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The use of CEREC® technology in dentistry has brought about plenty of benefits. The main benefit of which is how the technology has enabled dentists to complete in one hour and a single visit what previously required multiple visits to complete.

Take, for example, a dental crown. These dental restorations have plenty of uses and are one of the most popular treatment options. However, one problem with them is that they often required multiple visits, with the second visit occurring a week or so after the initial visit.

Thanks to CEREC or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, dentists can now place dental crowns, among many other dental restorations, in much less time.

CEREC Restorations - Ford Dental Group - Huntington Beach, CA Dentist

Benefits Of CEREC Technology

Fast and effective

In medicine and pretty much any other industry, fast is useless if the results are compromised.

With CEREC technology, the procedure isn’t just fast, but the results are also very good. This starts with how the dental images captured using the technology allow dentists a clearer view of their patient’s teeth. This then improves the dentist’s accuracy when creating the restoration. That, and the fact that the computer takes care of analyzing and creating the dental restoration, which only takes around twenty minutes at most, all but ensures optimal results.

Better-fitting and less of a hassle

Take for example in crowns. The process traditionally required patients to wait for weeks before a crown could be placed. This is because the dentists themselves rarely made the crowns, but rather only sent an impression to a dental laboratory. In the meantime, patients were fitted with a temporary crown.

This process made it hard for the crown to fit perfectly and was such a hassle for the patients. However, with CEREC, dentists can create high-quality dental restorations such as crowns right there in the dentist’s office and place it on the patient’s teeth, all in one visit.

No more need for taking impressions

Traditionally, dentists relied on taking impressions of their patient’s teeth by using a messy elastic material. The dentists would then have to send the material to a dental lab, where the dental restoration was made.

With CEREC, instead of using a messy elastic material, the dentist simply takes an optical impression of the prepared tooth. The whole process takes only a minute or two and provides very accurate results.

More attractive results

After the CEREC machine takes the digital picture and converts it into a 3D virtual model that you can actually see for yourself on the computer screen, your dentist designs the restoration with the help of CEREC’s 3D computer program. In just a few minutes and a few clicks of a button, the machine produces an all-new restoration that’s ready to be placed, polished, and bonded in place. Not only that, but the restoration is tooth-colored, which ensures that it blends perfectly well with your natural teeth.

To put it simply, CEREC is an advanced dental restorative system that allows dentists to do more in much less time. This then allows you, the patient, to receive the highest quality of care and best-looking dental restorations, all in just one visit.

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