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Re-Evaluating SmileDirectClub Patients

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SmileDirectClub: Discontinued Operations and Impact on Patients

At Ford Dental Group, we understand the concern and confusion caused by the sudden closure of Smile Direct Club. As dedicated dental professionals, we are here to assist those affected by this situation. It’s important to have your teeth evaluated to ensure you move forward in the proper way to maintain the right position and function of your teeth.

Impact on Patients

  • Incomplete treatment plans and unusable aligners.
  • Difficulties in obtaining refunds.
  • Lack of customer support and guidance.
  • Potential health risks due to abrupt treatment discontinuation.

How Ford Dental Group Can Assist

Our team at Ford Dental Group is prepared to provide comprehensive evaluations for former SmileDirectClub patients. We will assess your current dental situation and discuss the most appropriate course of action to ensure your dental health and treatment continuity.

Contact Us for Support

If you’ve been affected by the Smile Direct Club closure, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

Remember, your dental health is our top priority at Ford Dental Group. We’re here to guide you through these challenging times and ensure you receive the care you need.