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Root Canal

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At Ford Dental Group, we are passionate about helping our patients overcome difficult dental challenges. There is no challenge quite as difficult or common as tooth loss, which is why we will do everything in our power to help you fight it every step of the way. Sometimes, when a tooth suffers from a deep infection, we can still manage to save it by performing root canal therapy on the tooth. This is a procedure that allows the patient to keep their natural tooth, and avoid having to deal with costly tooth replacement options like dentures or dental implants.

Root Canal - Ford Dental Group - Huntington Beach, CA - Best OC Dentist 2019

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

When you have a cavity, we can usually remove the infected portion of the tooth and use amalgam or composite dental bonding agent to restore the structure that was lost. When trauma or infection endangers the inner portions of the tooth, we are often able to save it by performing a root canal, where we remove the inner portions of the tooth, to protect it from further decay and save it from having to be removed.

A tooth is made up of three layers. The outermost layer is the enamel, which is a hard, white coating that protects the tooth from damage. The layer below the enamel is called dentin, which is not as hard as enamel but gives the tooth its structure. At the center of the tooth are the pulp and the root. The pulp and the root are made up of living biological material, and when infected can cause the whole tooth to fail. If a cavity or trauma infects the pulp or the root, the root canal will remove the pulp and the root to save the tooth.

Root Canal Procedure

The first step in any procedure here at Ford Dental Group is to ensure your comfort and safety. We will administer a local anesthetic and any form of dental sedation you desire. We understand that some people have anxiety about having dental work done, and that is perfectly fine! Just let us know, and we will be happy to help!

The first part of the procedure involves removing the decay with a special dental drill. Dr. Jonathan Ford will remove the decay within the tooth as he works his way to the core of the tooth where he will remove the root and the pulp. Once the pulp and the root have been removed, we will use a special antimicrobial solution to clean the interior of the tooth to ensure that there are no bacteria that could reinfect the tooth. We will then use an inert substance called gutta-percha to fill the area where the pulp and the root once were. We will finish the procedure by placing a composite dental compound, or a dental crown.

Root canal therapy can help you to avoid having a tooth extracted. Once a tooth is extracted a wide variety of oral health concerns come into play, and costly tooth replacement is often the only way to mitigate these concerns once the tooth has been removed.

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