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How Long Does a Bone Grafting Site Take to Heal Before Implants?

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How Long Does a Bone Grafting Site Take to Heal Before Implants?

Following a tooth extraction or loss, your dentist might recommend a bone graft if your bone mass is insufficient for securely anchoring an implant. This issue can occur if there has been a significant delay before seeking an implant, leading to bone resorption, or if the available bone was inadequate at the time of tooth loss.

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Allow A Bone Graft Site To Heal

After undergoing a bone graft, the site requires time to heal before placing implants. During this procedure, a Huntington Beach dentist at Ford Dental Group surgically applies bone material from another body part or a donor. This new bone must integrate with your existing bone, a process that takes several months.

How Long It Takes To Heal

A bone graft typically needs three to four months to heal sufficiently to support a dental implant. During the initial visit, a Huntington Beach dentist may perform the extraction, bone grafting, and place a protective membrane in one session. Following this, a healing period of about four months is necessary before the implant post can be placed. After an additional three to four months, we uncover the titanium screw from under the gum tissue and allow the site to heal for another month before placing the final restorations. In total, the process from bone grafting to the final dental implant placement may span up to nine months.

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