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Symptoms Of TMJ Jaw Pain

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TMJ disorders, also known as temporomandibular joint disorders, are conditions that affect the jaw joints and the muscles that move them.  When we look for this condition at Ford Dental Group, patients often complain of jaw pain, sometimes on both sides. TMJ may be caused by damage to the jaw joints or the surrounding tissues and muscles, including those in the neck and shoulders.  It might be severe or chronic. Pain in the shoulder, headaches, and earaches are just a few of the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Symtoms of TMJ Jaw Pain - Ford Dental Group - Huntington Beach, CA

Those who experience pain and clicking or popping in their jaw joints may be suffering from temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ). When you open and close your mouth, there should be a little popping or clicking sound from your jaw joint. If this happens, it’s best to see a doctor or dentist to get your jaw checked out.

TMJ Jaw Pain Can Cause Facial Swelling

TMJ condition generates irritation in your joint capsule. Inflammation and any damage to the jaw area may lead to swelling on one side of your face. This can be pretty uncomfortable even though it is not a very common symptom; many people with TMJ experience it.

Because the muscles in your face are working so hard to compensate for TMJ, you may have exhaustion in your face. This is because the muscles are working so hard. If you detect a slight but persistent tightness or fatigue on your face, or even just after using your jaw, this might signal that you have temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ). Make an appointment to see a doctor as soon as possible for a checkup.