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Signs You Need to Replace Your Dentures

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Most people who wear dentures have yet to learn when they’ll need to replace them. Some assume that dentures last a lifetime. Sadly, dentures wear and tear over time and lose their effectiveness.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Dentures - Ford Dental Group - Huntington Beach, CA DentistTherefore, to enjoy the benefits of dentures, you’ll need to know when to replace them. Here are the key signs it’s time to get new dentures:

Chewing Problems

Loose-fit dentures can cause chewing. You’ll need to adjust the dentures to improve chewing when this happens. Sadly, despite adjusting the dentures, the chewing problems might persist. If this happens, consider getting new dentures.

Speech Problems

Your words may sound slurred if your dentures don’t fit properly. If you experience this problem, consult a dentist ASAP. The dentist will examine the dentures to determine what’s causing the speech problems.

The goal is to know whether the dentures can be refit or if you’ll need to replace them. Ensure you ask the dentist for advice on the best time to change the dentures.


Dentures, like natural teeth, can become discolored over time. Discolored dentures can affect your smile and may lead to low self-confidence. So, if your dentures are severely injured, consider replacing them.

Clean your new dentures regularly to prevent staining. Also, limit your wine, coffee, and tea intake when wearing dentures to reduce the risk of discoloration.


Perfectly fitted dentures should feel natural and comfortable. Unfortunately, with time dentures become loose and might cause discomfort. When this happens, you should see your dentist for a dentures refit.

The dentist will examine the condition of your dentures and will advise you on whether to replace them. They’ll also guide you on how to wear the dentures to avoid discomfort. Consult our dentists today to get a professional recommendation on whether it’s time to replace your dentures.