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Teeth Grinding

A nightguard is an acrylic device that you wear over your teeth to protect them. They are most often used when sleeping during a period of bruxism. Providing a thin cushion between your teeth can prevent damage to your teeth. At Ford Dental Group, we can customize a night guard to fit comfortably in your mouth, increasing your desire to wear it when needed. 

Nightguard and Teeth Grinding - Sleep Apnea - Ford Dental Group - Huntington Beach, CA Dentist

Bruxism And Night Guards

 Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? Are you waking to find your jaw muscles are tight or sore? This could be a condition known as bruxism. Bruxism is often a temporary disorder, most often displayed during stressful times, but it can be quite damaging. Over time, you could cause serious damage to your mouth by breaking or loosening teeth. Some patients even grind their teeth flat, impacting their ability to break down food when chewing. Grinding teeth can even cause neuromuscular problems.

There is a simple solution – a nightguard. It is an orthodontic device that you wear while you sleep, or for some during the day, that will help prevent grinding or clenching from damaging your teeth. A night guard will reduce the stress on your teeth and jaws and alleviate many of the symptoms listed above.

Sports Guards

 We love to hear about our patients’ activities and sports they engage in. We also know that when it comes to protecting your mouth, a sports guard is an essential piece of athletic gear. Mouth-related injuries are the most common injury in outdoor play. A sports guard should be part of your standard equipment from an early age. 

Types Of Nightguards

 There are different types of night guards, including store-bought and customized versions. Each comes with varying benefits including cost, fit, and function. 

Custom-fitted Nightguards

 A custom-fit nightguard is made specifically for you by our dentist. They are the more expensive option, though some may be covered by insurance. We recommend this type because it will also be the most comfortable, meaning you or your child is much more likely to wear it. 

Stock Nightguards

 Stock nightguards are inexpensive and come pre-formed, and ready to wear. However, because of their one-size-fits-all style, they often don’t fit well. They can be bulky and difficult to breathe or talk with.

Boil and Bite Nightguards

 The boil and bite night guards are medium priced and will provide a medium fit when considering your other options. They can be bought at many sporting goods stores and drugstores. You customize them by softening them in hot water and then bite them down to make an impression of your teeth. The malleability allows you to shape it, but also means that it can lose its shape when it gets warmed in the car or on the field. 

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