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Hate Flossing? These Things Will Change Your Mind

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Many people view flossing in a bad light, and they regard it as an annoying chore. We understand that at night, we are all tired from the day’s work, and taking the extra time before bed to floss may seem like an arduous task. However, the key is to remember that the time you floss during the day does not matter and that you will reap its benefits as long as you do it consistently.

Hate Flossing? - Change Your Mind - Ford Dental Group - Huntington Beach, CA

What Does Flossing Achieve?

The immune system in our bodies generates a natural response by secreting fluids in the irritated area such as a cut to kick off the healing process. After flossing, your gums may be sore or even bleed and become inflamed. This is the natural inflammation reaction of the body, and it causes plaque, food particles, and bacteria to be washed away by the fluids.

Many people avoid flossing because of this inflammatory response as it is uncomfortable to go through. With time, however, your gums will stop bleeding after you floss and they will certainly be healthier. Here are some of the reasons to change your mind about flossing.

Flossing Effectively Removes Plaque, Bacteria And Food Particles From Your Teeth

Each of your teeth has a total of five surfaces, and not flossing means that two surfaces are neglected. Plaque can build up in these areas causing cavities, decay, or gum disease.

Flossing Prevents Gingivitis

Gingivitis is one of the initial stages of gum disease, whereby the gums bleed easily and become inflamed. Flossing on a consistent basis will boost the health of your gums, preventing the development of gum disease.

You Will Improve Your Smile

Flossing will give you good breath and healthier gums along with whiter teeth. Taking some time daily to floss will boost your smile along with your confidence. If you have questions on good flossing techniques or your oral health in general, reach out to us as our team is always ready to handle your dental care needs.