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Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

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Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

Does consuming an ice-cold beverage irritate your teeth? Or do you hurt when you floss or clean your teeth? That is a sign of teeth sensitivity. You should probably have it checked out with us at Ford Dental Group.

Causes of Teeth Sensitivity - Sensitive Tooth Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA - Ford Dental Group

You can take steps to reduce tooth sensitivity and enhance your dental health. It will help if you talk to the dentist about such symptoms. By doing so, they will find the best solution that is long-lasting. Continue reading to know the causes of teeth sensitivity:

Brushing Harshly Everyday

Sometimes using a toothbrush with hard edges or using excessive force when cleaning your teeth can cause tooth sensitivity. Your teeth’ protective coatings might erode over time, revealing tiny canals or hollow tubes connecting to your oral nerves. Tooth sensitivity and discomfort may occur when you have exposed lines to high temperatures, acidic foods, or foods that are sticky or sugary. The simplest method is to use a toothbrush with softer bristles and to brush more gently. You can also ask the dentist to recommend toothbrushes that are gentle on your teeth.

Grinding Your Teeth

The most substantial part of your teeth is the enamel, yet grinding your teeth can wear it down. When the enamel gets damaged, you expose the nerves. Consult your dentist to make you a mouth guard that will keep you from grinding your teeth. Custom-made guards that match your bite are the best. The dentist should measure your mouth and make the night guards for you. Also, ask the dentist whether to remove the guards or keep them on.

Eating Acidic Food

Acidic foods like tomato sauce, citrus, grapefruit, and pickles can induce discomfort in the exposed nerves. However, avoiding certain foods can help you avoid tooth pain. Consider checking with our dentist to ensure you know the causes of tooth sensitivity.