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3 Alternatives To Dental Crowns

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Fitting crowns in the mouth is often costly and a dentist has to shave away a considerable amount of tooth surface. When you have damaged teeth, a dentist will inspect them to determine the severity of the damage. Crowns are an option if the damage to a tooth is severe. That being said, there are alternatives to crowns that are significantly less invasive or less expensive.

3 Alternatives to Dental Crowns - Ford Dental Group - Huntington Beach, CA Dentist


A dentist may use onlays to help reinforce a tooth. Onlays may function the way crowns do since they provide some degree of tooth protection, though not as much as crowns do. An onlay covers the tooth surfaces in addition to one or two cusps. However, an inlay does not protect cusps. A full onlay covers the entire top surface of a tooth. A partial onlay only covers a portion of the cusps. An onlay doesn’t require much tooth structure removal before placing it. Also, onlays make it easier to maintain gum health than crowns. The caps used in crowning a tooth make it difficult to remove plaque within the base of a tooth.

Dental Veneers

A dentist can place veneers in place of crowns, but it depends on the nature of the dental issue. Veneers are thin shells placed over the front teeth. Dentists used them mostly for aesthetic reasons. Veneers provide a less intrusive way of improving your smile if you are considering dental crowns to provide a better look.

Dental Fillings

A tooth that is injured may be repaired with a cap if a filling cannot help. Crowns work for large cavities and other serious damages. Fillings don’t offer the kind of protection offered by crowns. However, if a tooth has a fracture, cavity, or chip that isn’t too extensive, a filling may be an option. A dentist can use fillings to help rebuild a tooth badly fractured or decayed before installing a crown. Consult our dental team to see what tooth repair and restoration options can take the place of crowns.