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Dentistry for Kids

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The first six months after a child’s birth are when most children get their baby teeth. When a child reaches the age of about six to seven years old they lose their first set of teeth, giving way to the growth of permanent teeth. However, this process can be entangled with pain and complications if proper dental care is not provided.

As baby teeth not only serve as the basis for good oral health but also lay the foundation for a beautiful smile, they are very important and must be treated with care. At Ford Dental Group, our professionals use innovative and gentle methods to treat our young patients. Our pediatric dentists carefully evaluate a child’s oral health and provide the required care for young smiles.

Dentistry for Kids - Ford Dental Group - Huntington Beach, CA Dentsits

Why Is Dentistry For Kids Important?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), a child should be taken to the dentist before they turn one year old or at least when their first tooth comes out. However, some parents debate whether this is even needed because baby teeth will fall out anyway. Despite this, dentistry for kids is vital for their oral health, for several reasons.

Getting dental exams as kids helps establish habits that last a lifetime. A person often picks up most of their habits as a child. One of these habits is that of dental care. For instance, if someone brushes and flosses their teeth regularly as a child, they will most likely also do it as an adult. If a person fails to establish good dental habits as a kid, they are likely to struggle with establishing them later.

Another reason for good pediatric dental care is that baby teeth are not just little teeth that go away with time: they serve as a guide for adult teeth. For instance, if the baby teeth are not cared for properly, the adult teeth may grow out in the wrong places, or have a crooked alignment and suffer from tooth decay, ultimately having to be taken out.

Another reason why dentistry for kids is important stems from the fact that a mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth emerge during the period in which a child loses their baby teeth. If proper dental care is not provided during this period and the baby teeth are left to decay, this decay will not remain limited to the baby teeth but will spread to other teeth in the mouth, including permanent teeth. This could, indeed, give way to a lot of problems.

As we all know, there are many purposes for teeth beyond just making a smile beautiful. Some of these include chewing and speaking. In order for your child to be able to speak and chew properly, they must have strong and healthy teeth. Dental care for kids aids in providing protection for your child’s teeth so they can carry out the activities mentioned above without complications.

If you are looking for a dental expert for your kids, you have found the right place. Call us at (714) 409-6161 and reserve a seat for your child’s first dental appointment with our professionals at Ford Dental Group. We offer a variety of services that include sealants, dental cleanings, and tooth-colored fillings.