Cheek Biting and Chewing - Common Dental Diagnosis in Huntington Beach, CA

Cheek Biting Causes and Treatment

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While many consider cheek biting a normal occurrence, experts regard the actions as a sign of dental illness. You can experience cheek biting when you have careless talking or chewing, leading to injuries and inflammations. Often the injuries result in a painful condition and discomfort. Furthermore, people with implants and those having temporomandibular disorders have shown cases of cheek biting, which calls for immediate interventions.  Cheek biting is a condition we deal with often at Ford Dental Group.  Cheek biting, also known as cheek chewing, is far more common than you would guess.

Cheek Biting and Chewing - Common Dental Diagnosis in Huntington Beach, CA

Causes Of Cheek Biting

Dentists claim that there exist several causes of chronic cheek biting. For instance, people experience cheek-biting activities when faced with stress. Here, their bodies subconsciously react to the prevailing depression resulting in cheek biting. Additionally, when one experiences a significant boredom session, they may have chronic cheek-biting events causing injuries.

Although underlying implants and dental devices play a huge role in fueling cheek biting, experts claim a connection with psychological issues when one fails to have such medical tools but experiences the same.

Treatment for Cheek Chewing

If you experience cheek-chewing conditions, visit a dentist for further examination. Your dental devices may need realignment and adjustment to remain intact and prevent the condition from developing further.

A mouthguard has proven to work wonders for patients with biting conditions. Ideally, the device gives time for the damaged tissues to heal and prevents further damage to the tissues.

Your dentist may suggest frequently chewing sugarless gums to replace biting your cheeks. The gums offer alternatives for the cheeks and prevent extreme damage. Also, having a deep breath when one feels like biting their cheeks can help relax your mind and avoid the action.

At our clinics, we help determine the causes of chronic cheek biting if the behavior is habitual or compulsive. Therefore, when faced with such a situation don’t hesitate to visit our offices. Call us today and book an appointment with our team of professionals.