Custom Tray Teeth Whitening

Close up of smiling mouth with teeth whitening tray over teethIt is an age old rule: as time passes teeth darken. Enamel simply absorbs stain from food and drink over the years. Yes, some liquids such as coffee and especially tea seem to cause rapid stain build-up. Even medications like chlorohexidene contribute to it.

Our office now offers a healthy antidote to normal dental staining. We have both an in-office and an at-home brightening procedure. The product is effective and gentle. All of our patients and staff members who have chosen the “Opalescence Technique” are pleased with their new bright smiles.

The teeth whitening product is placed in a custom vinyl tray for 20-30 minutes per day for two weeks. As each day passes, patients notice incremental whitening. This is a slow and gentle procedure and sensitivity is normally minimal or non-existent. The in-office technique involves a gentle one hour procedure in which a ultra-violet light sensitive product is placed on isolated teeth. The whitening material is activated by a “blue light” and this is followed up with the two week “at-home” process.

Contact Ford Dental Group for information about how you can get started with a custom tray whitening kit.